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Business Continuity Disaster Recovery BCDR Pandemic Planning
Business Continuity Disaster Recovery BCDR Pandemic Planning

Eric L.

Director, Global Business Continuity

& Disaster Recovery Services

Eric has been in the Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery industry for over 35 years beginning with the US Army where he planned system restoration for field processing systems and graduating from the University of Frankfurt with Bachelors Degrees in both Information Science and Computer Science and minors in Electrical Engineering and Psychology.  He has also earned a BA in Homeland Security from the University of Eastern Kentucky.  Over his career, Eric has supported a variety of disasters, ranging from natural to human, (sabotage, power outages, terrorist incidents, and civil disobedience) and has extensive experience working with industry standards in BCDR, developing plans that ensure compliance and assist organizations in passing their audits.  Eric holds certifications in Disaster Recovery from IBM, Harris Institute, IOEducation (GCC), and Disaster Recovery Institute International.  In addition, Eric has taken the FEMA Emergency Program Manager Study course.  He is a member of NASPA (National Association of System Programmers and Analysts), Contingency Management Association, and Contingency Planning Management.

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