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Cybersecurity Expertise to Support Your Mission

We are a customer concentric, down-to-earth team, of cybersecurity and eGRC (Enterprise, Governance, Risk & Compliance) experts.  We value hard work, honesty, education, and integrity – treating others as we wish to be treated, wherever that may be (at work, home, or in our communities). Our independent perspective and unique expertise allow us to be your trusted partners and advisors in supporting your organizations' mission and providing peace of mind for you and your clients.     

At the core of RedPenSec, powered by Crafted Compliance, Inc. is our team of experienced professionals, each hand-picked and vetted for their cybersecurity knowledge and compliance expertise, as well as having a complement of overlapping skills and experience which allows us to collaborate effectively to bring the best solutions to our clients.  We are passionate about what we do and stay on the cutting edge of new regulations, laws, and methodologies to always bring you the most current information and best-in-class service.

RedPenSec powered by Crafted Compliance, Inc. is committed to excellence.  We provide our customers with world-class guidance, expertise, resources, and services to help your organization accomplish its' goals while exceeding all expectations in the process.  Therefore, our organization prioritizes advanced education, accreditations, and certifications from accreditation bodies across multiple disciplines and verticals as a means of keeping us on the cutting-edge of security and technology, giving us the highest level understanding of the most current standards, regulations, cybersecurity risks, threats - and solutions - which is exactly where you should expect your trusted advisors to be.


If this is what you are looking for, we would be honored to work with you and your team. 

If you have a question for our team or would like more information on our services, our experts are available for a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation to discuss your cybersecurity concerns, answer your questions, and have a conversation about how we can help your organization meet its' compliance goals. 


Please feel free to give us a call at 833-4CRAFTED (833-427-2383) or complete our contact form.  We look forward to hearing from you.

A complimentary conversation with an expert from our team will

provide valuable insight into the options that may best fit your needs.

844-3CRAFTED / 833.427.2383

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