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Managing the ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape in today’s world is tough and time-consuming and many smaller organizations don’t feel up to the task or don’t have the budget to employ a full-time CISO or CIO.  However, they DO understand that the benefits of having a CISO would greatly enhance their security capabilities from the top down.  Our vCISO and Trusted Advisory Services allow you to avoid the expense of employing a person or team, in-house full-time, utilizing a fully scalable pay-as-you-go model for the services and time utilized.  Our vCISO’s will enhance the capabilities of your security program with a flexible approach that will allow you to realize a maximum return on your investment.  Our team works directly with yours, taking time to understand your unique business mission and goals as well as your security challenges, and will provide smart, scalable and effective solutions, step-by-step guidance, implementation support and oversight to help strengthen your cybersecurity posture and support growth and maturity over time.

RedPenSec’s vCISO’s have a great deal of real-world business acumen. They have designed and

implemented security programs across a wide range of industries and sizes, which gives them a

comprehensive scope of experience and expertise that can be applied to your organization.

We can advise your firm on issues such as risk management in operations, framework development, audit coordination (ISO, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC2) enterprise-wide security policy & procedure development, employee training and awareness, developing data breach resiliency plans, overseeing system updates, Vendor Questionnaires, change management, and managing the information security financials.  Our fully certified, senior security professionals are experts in Governance, Risk and Compliance, with decades of IT/IS experience across multiple industries and we bring that world-class knowledge to your organization on an as-needed, pay-as-you go basis. 


We support your company’s mission, vision, and goals by working with your officers, internal teams, and IT/IS

managers, partnering with them to effectively monitor, mature, and maintain the security of your organization.  

Your vCISO will take the time to learn and understand your organization’s mission, vision and goals.  By  becoming familiar with your business strategy, culture, security environment, business processes and objectives, we can provide expert security leadership and guidance, custom-crafted to the unique needs or challenges of your organization.  Our unbiased third-party approach to risk management in your organization will support your efforts and serve to reduce risk in all of your endeavors.


- vCISO Services from an expert team of advisors invested in your business mission

- Maximum return on investment with a flexible, scalable pay-as-you-go model


- Provide unbiased comprehensive cybersecurity and compliance guidance based on best practices

- Free up your internal resources by assisting with short-term project-specific tasks or security initiatives

Benefits can include:

  • Designing and implementing strategic plans to help you reach a desired, future state for your security and operations

  • Providing an unbiased comprehensive cybersecurity and compliance foundation based on best practices

  • Ensuring that your organization is adapting to evolving regulations

  • Supplying threat analysis and strategy updates in real-time

  • Anticipating and analyzing future security and compliance challenges (vendor risk management, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures)

  • Weighing business opportunities against their associated security risks

  • Overseeing the processes of your IT/IS teams 

  • Completing Vendor Risk Management (VRM) Questionnaires 

  • Freeing up your internal resources by assisting with external compliance audits or short-term project-specific tasks or security initiatives

  • Reviewing updating and/or writing enterprise policies, procedures, and processes to ensure compliance with best practices, specific frameworks or standards

  • Contributing knowledge and experience to a variety of security domains related to governance, risk management, compliance, incident management, HR management, and more

  • Establishing systems and processes that reduce human error and its potential impact on your organization’s security posture

We’ve worked alongside C-Suite Executives across industries of all sizes, and understand 
multiple business disciplines such as finance, HR, and operations to best help your organization.


vCISO services are priced with maximum flexibility in mind to best fit the needs and budget of your organization.  Whether measured hourly, by project, retainer-based, or in buckets of hours that you can access any time you need them and for any purpose, we have options to match your objectives.  

Work with an expert team of consultants and Trusted Advisors who are experts in their verticals and hold some of the most prestigious industry credentials.

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“Our full-time CISO retired in June, leaving a significant gap in our management structure, therefore, we reached out to RedPenSec for help.  We utilized their Virtual CISO Services to help us complete several high visibility projects until we were able to hire a new CISO.  As expected, our interim vCISO was able to collaborate with, organize, and focus our teams for maximum performance efficiency during our time of need.  RedPenSec is a great partner to have in your corner.  They were always willing to go the extra mile to provide the best service, support, and experience for our security program.”


Management Consulting - CEO

A complimentary conversation with an expert from our vCISO team 

will provide valuable insight into the options that may best fit your needs.

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