Giving Back

We believe strongly in an environment where we can put our skills and talents to their highest and best use by donating our time to the organizations aligned with our personal beliefs and by sharing our profits with those agencies who do the most good throughout the world.  Our work has taken us to some of the richest, and poorest corners of the globe and we believe in contributing to those local not-for-profit organizations as we work in the communities they serve and supporting local and national initiatives here in the USA.


In this small way, we believe we can make a very big difference. 


RedPenSec was proud to be a sponsor of the Florida-based non-profit Center for Cyber Safety and Education Cyber Safety Day.


This annual event highlights the importance of cybersecurity awareness to the youth of our community.   And, now more than ever, with our children attending school remotely, and being exposed to the internet - and its' dangers - this initiative is even more meaningful.

Cybersafety and awareness isn't taught in schools and the pandemic has shown us that this curriculum is necessary both in our

schools and homes.  Topics like cyber-bullying, social media safety, and the communication our children have with strangers when playing games online are addressed in a way that is engaging, fun, and educational in this program.

You can read about the program here, or visit to learn more