Nina is Chief Financial Officer and co-founder for RedPenSec, powered by Crafted Compliance, Inc.  She was raised and Educated in Ukraine, where she obtained her Masters in Management of Organizations and Administration, Trade & Financial Activity from the Classic Private University.  Nina has over 15 years of industry experience and has been involved with several different cybersecurity start-ups over the years.  She also functions as the Director for Crafted Compliance’s Open Source Intelligence Team. Nina is Board Certified in C|OSINT (Certified Open-Source Intelligence), CDPSE (Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer), CECI (Certified Expert in Cyber Investigations), and has a plethora of other accreditations pertaining to Cyber Security/Cyber Investigation disciplines.  

Accreditations/Certifications: CDPSE/C|OSINT/CECI/ABCP/CORCI/CCTA/CCIP/SMIA/CFHI/CEFI, CHTI and CISM Candidate